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Computer Questions for IBPS Bank PO Exam 2013

Written By Ravi Kumar on Monday, 14 January 2013 | 20:23

We have already provided Computer Question Papers and got better response from our users.Now IBPS exam is very near so We will continously provide more papers.In Addition to this,we will keep you updated with latest News and other Question which are important for IBPS exams.We are focusing to provide Computer Question for IT officer exam.So stay tuned.

Computer Questions for IBPS Bank PO Exam 2013

(1)In which memories needs refresh?
A.ROM                                                         B.RAM
C.SRAM                                                       D.DRAM                                      Ans-D

(2)A small byte is called________
A. Nibble                                                      B.Nybble
C.Word                                                        D.Block                                       Ans-A&B

(3)A sector of data consists of________________
A.512bytes                                                   B.540bytes
C.560bytes                                                   D.555bytes                                Ans-A

(4)A sequence of 8 bits  processed as a single unit of information is called_______
A.Block                                                         B.Sector
C.Word                                                         D.Byte                                       Ans-D

(5)Large computers use words up to _________
A.64 bits long                                               B.32 bits long
C.16 bits long                                               D.48 bits long                              Ans-A 

(6)A kilobyte(KB) consists of_________
A.996 bytes                                                  B.1024 bytes
C.1596 bytes                                                D.1700 bytes                               Ans-B

(7)A megabyte (MB) consists of_____________
A.1024 bit                                                      B.1024 bytes
C.1024 kilobytes                                           D.1024 megabytes                      Ans-C

(8).A gigabyte (GB) consists of_______________
A.1024 bit                                                      B.1024 bytes
C.1024 kilobytes                                           D.1024 megabytes                      Ans-D

(9)A terabyte (TB) consists of _________
A.1024 bit                                                      B.1024 bytes
C.1024 gigabytes                                           D.1024 megabytes                    Ans-C

(10)Ic chips used in computers are consists of_________
A.Copper                                                       B.Aluminium
C.Silicon                                                        D.Gold                                        Ans-C

(11)In which commands used to reboot the computer?
A.Ctrl + Alt + Tab                                           B.Ctrl + Alt + Del
C.Ctrl + Shift +Del                                         D.Ctrl + Alt + Shift                      Ans-B

(11).WWW is stands for
A.World Wide Web                                       B.World Wide Work
C.World Waste Web                                    D.World Wide Wood                            Ans-A

(12)Which of the following device helps you to draw in the computer?
A.Mouse                                                        B.Keyboard
C.Monitor                                                       D.Floppy                                              Ans-A

(13)Which of the following is the main part of computer?
A.Printer                                                         B.Scanner
C.Keyboard                                                    D.Telephone                                        Ans-C

(14)Which of the following is a place where you can save files in a computer?
A.Directory                                                      B.Desk
C.Closet                                                          D.Control Panel                                  Ans-A

(15)CDs & DVDs  are ________________devices.
A.Output                                                          B.Input
C.Storage                                                        D.Software                                          Ans-C

(16)Which of the following is required connect to the internet?
A.Cable                                                             B.Modem
C.Cpu                                                                D.Ups                                                Ans-B

(17)In another word for cpu is called_________
A.Microprocessor                                              B.Microcontroller
C.Control Unit                                                     D.Mother Board                                Ans-A

(18) What is RISC?
A.  Runtime Instruction Set Compiler                B.Reduced Instruction Set Computer                    
C.  Remote Intranet Secured Connection         D.Remote Instructon Set Computer        Ans-B

(19)VCM stands for_______
A.Virtual Channel Memory                                  B.Voice Communications Manager
c.Voice Controlled Modem                                  D.Virtual Connection Manager                  Ans-A

(20)NAT stands for________________
A.Network Address Translation                          B.Network Added Technology
C.Network Address Transfer                              D.Network Administration Tool                   Ans-A

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